Tommy tests out tweaks to the TS50 Amp


Posted by Tommy Skeoch (Official) on Saturday, April 22, 2017

The TS 50 is essentially a Plexi that exceeds eleven.  Overdrive is controlled by (2) preamp gain pots and a PPIMV, giving the artist total control over the preamp gain recipe.  No buttons, no relays, just infinite control over the signal and the classic plexi tone circuit.

The TS 50 was intentionally designed for simplicity.  Kevin’s analogy is the audio world.  “We started with vinyl.  Now that we’re so far away from where we started, there’s a desire by many to get back to origin.  The same holds true with guitar amps.  We have modelers, multi channels, buttons to do this, that and the other. Time to get back to where it all started. Put the control in the artists hands.”

Tommy said, “I need a f$&king degree to use what’s out there now.  I want something simple and it has to be able to go over the top, but clean up nice with any guitar”.

The only modern convenience they felt must be on the amp is an Effects Loop.  Everything else is old school, hand wired art.

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