Tommy demos the new TS-50 by


Hey all

Posted by Tommy Skeoch (Official) on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
So here is the prototype

Sounds just like my combo that I have played live and on so many records

I love it

The room is pretty live

But this amp has more versatility

Covers early plexi sounds blues breaker etc etc just by messin with the two gain knobs as well as my main tone I use most for live and recording

Got the chorus plugged in the front so got a bit of hiss with all that gain on my general live setting u can hear it when I clean it up

But of course there is an effects loop in the back for that

I like noise , what can I say
Still in the gutter

It cleans up sooooo nice when I simply turn the volume knob down on my guitar

So gonna do my next record with only this amp

A few different guitars and this amps versatility and I will have all the color I want for this next CD !

Remember this is thru an iPhone just to give u a taste , gonna do a proper close mic demo soon

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Thanks everybody