Buy 4 lessons get 1 free – Check out the new Tommy Skeoch signature amp!

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Hey kids

What’s up out there ?

So been rockin with some of u guys doin the lesson thing

It’s been lots of fun , really enjoying it !
Everyone has been really cool and mellow…….

If u book four I’ll do five with ya
That’s like $60 a lesson about,
Go for it !

So about 5 months ago this amp builder Kevin Holbrook got a hold of me to see if I wanted to b involved with his amp company and or to check out a signature amp and I’ve been fairly indifferent about it but he came to my house and listened to my modded Marshall that I’ve used on tons of records to see if we can do an amp build based on that sound but with more versatility

Well He sent me a prototype two days ago and this amp is amazing and Kevin nailed it in one shot , everything he said it would b !

So I’m gonna move forward with him and sell some great amps

For more info go to
Click on TS50 ok the amps tab.

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